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We are a place of discovery, we are leaders, we are serial entrepreneurs, and we educate the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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Dr. Heikenfeld discusses the need for continuous and contextual biochemical diagonistics in The Pathologist! [pdf]

25 August 2018

Congrats to Adam Hauke and Phillip Simmers on their successful dissertation defense!

19 July 2018

Congrats to Dr. Andrew Jajack and Team, whose latest article on enhancing sweat glucose by increasing paracellular permeability was published in PLOS!

16 July 2018

Our Research Aims

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Wearable Biosensing

Leading role in the advancement of sweat biosensing technology, and in understanding the physiology and biology of secretion of sweat, saliva, and tears.  As a result, technologists are now better-informed on what analytes are worthy to pursue, and on how the human body may ultimately impact technology design more than the rapid advance of technology itself.

Electrowetting Technology

Leading role in applied electrowetting devices, and in the development of reliable electrowetting materials systems.  Most recently, our work has included electrofluidics, which combines microfluidic confinement and Laplace pressure with electrowetting.  

Display Technology

Leading role in electronic-paper technology (reflective displays). We are also one of very few research groups to have contributed to the science and technology of nearly all types of displays (transmissive, emissive, 3D, reflective, projection, transparent, flexible, nature/biological).